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Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA)

AIP Risk Consulting uses a risk-based approach; Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA) to protect critical infrastructure and critical assets, tailored towards and applied on an asset, system, network, or functional basis, depending on the fundamental services it is intended to support and the nature of the related critical infrastructure.


As a critical infrastructure operations involve processes that are primarily dependent on fixed assets and physical facilities, our risk assessment will be performed on an asset-by-asset basis in determining the criticality and the risks posed to the processes and equipment in the infrastructure.

The TVRA process involves identifying threats critical assets and how they may affect / impact the operations of the critical infrastructure and the safety of the personnel on site, determining how best to mitigate those threats, based on current capabilities and resource requirements.

Our risk assessments generally identify applicable and plausible threat scenarios to be assessed and analysed individually. A scenario is a hypothetical situation consisting of an identified threat, an entity affected by that threat, and associated conditions including consequences. In identifying plausible threat scenarios for a risk assessment, the set of scenarios should cover the full scope of the assessment and provide the decision maker with complete information.

For a risk assessment on critical infrastructure, it is important to identify those components or critical nodes where potential consequences would be highest and where security and resilience activities can be focused. A risk-based approach will determine the level of protection needed to mitigate the potential risk level. This will involve considerations on the risk appetite on the acceptance risk level. Besides existing security measures, our risk methodology will also factor into consideration on the redundancy / contingency provisions to the critical assets and the target recovery objective.AIP Risk Consulting’s TVRA methodology has been applied to fulfill risk assessment for various infrastructure and facilities conforming closely to Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) technology risk management guideline and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) national security requirement.