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Managing Security Risk

With increasingly challenging transnational business operations, securing your businesses from operational and technology risks is one of the top priority for any organisation’s leaders to minimize disruption to businesses incurring consequences such as losses of life, intellectual property, physical assets and reputation. Leaders need to be updated on the presence of any business risk by identifying threats (or risk causes), evaluating the effectiveness of existing control mechanism, analyzing the damages/ impact, using semi-quantitative risk assessment approach. The risk derivation shall be used as a basis in the selection of appropriate and sound mitigation measures.

Threats ranging from global terrorism to workplace violence have forced companies and institutions to take a closer look at their security plans. In some sectors or industries, a business or organisation may be hinged to the factor of having excellent security measures to build its reputation and attract customers. In the event of a terrorist attack or criminal breach, if the business or organisation is not capable of fulfilling its legal obligations and/or business continuity plans, the business or organisation will lose its good name. The resulting loss of reputation may adversely affect your business.

Our Core Services

Threat, Vulnerability And Risk Assessment (TVRA)

AIP Risk Consulting uses a risk-based approach; Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA) to protect critical infrastructure and critical assets, tailored towards and applied on an asset, system, network, or functional basis, depending on the fundamental services it is intended to support and the nature of the related...

Tender Documentation & Evaluation

In the tender documentation preparation stage, all necessary documents in accordance to the accepted security recommendations will be prepared as part of the main tender documents for the purpose of inviting tenders for the supply, installation and implementation of the security measures. This process will...

Security System Design

AIP RIsk Consulting specialises in devising customised security solutions to solve customer’s problems, increase security productivity, reduce security expenditure and enhanced overall security provisions in customer’s facility. AIP Risk Consulting approaches customer’s problem head on with an initial analysis and review of the weaknesses in the system and operational...

Security Planning

Organisations today constantly fail to recognise the need to identify and assess their risk exposure, before implementing security measures and/or technology. It is simple to install a set of security system and considered that the threats are mitigated. Little thoughts and efforts have been put in...

Security Operations SOP

AIP’s Consultants possess years of experiences in planning , managing security operations and manpower with in-depth knowledge and understanding in the demanding security practices coupled with facility operations requirement. We are capable of providing customised security operations SOP that is site specific to assist clients...

Security Audits

A physical security survey is a practical process utilized to evaluate specific areas, applications, or processes of a facility site to document potential threats and security vulnerabilities and/or validate the security plan in place. The survey can be performed from a threat-based perspective, physical security,...

Project Management (PM)

AIP’s project managers are experienced in managing security implementation projects across various industries, from small scale projects to large scale projects with high contract value. A project management scope of work for a security project during the implementation stage comprises of project initiation, project planning, project...

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

CPTED is a crime prevention philosophy which aims to reduce the opportunity and fear of crime, while promoting legitimate use of the space through the design or redesign of the entity under review using natural, mechanical and procedural measures Essentially, CPTED divides the environment under evaluation into smaller, defined zones...

Counter Corporate or Economic Espionage

Corporate or economic espionage is the unlawful theft/acquisition of intellectual property, such as key trade secret and patent information as well as industrial manufacturing techniques and processes, ideas and formulas. It could also include sequestration of proprietary or operational information, such as that on customer...



Our professional team of consultants includes Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Certified Business Continuity Professionals and qualified engineers.
We have specialised expertise in solving security challenges and devising security solutions tailored to meet customers’ needs.

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