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Security Planning

Organisations today constantly fail to recognise the need to identify and assess their risk exposure, before implementing security measures and/or technology. It is simple to install a set of security system and considered that the threats are mitigated. Little thoughts and efforts have been put in to analyse the security gap, to determine the risk exposure and designing a holistic cost-effective security plan. To appreciate the importance of enhancing security for the facility, with a tight budget, one must first consider the following questions:

– What assets are you protecting?

– What are the assets value to your business?

– What threats are you protecting against?

– What are the consequences if the threat occurs?

Organisations cannot remove all of the possible threats they face or eliminate risks. Security measures need to be put in place to protect the most valuable and critical assets. In AIP Risk Consulting, we believe in designing resilience in the protection of assets and infrastructure. This is to ensure that your business is able to cope with an attack, continue business operations and recover to normality as soon as possible.



AIP Risk Consulting uses risk-based approach to Security Planning. Through semi-quantitative assessment approach, which involves identification of threats, an evaluation on the effectiveness of existing control mechanism, analysing damages/impact and prioritising the order of severity, AIP Risk Consulting is able to tailor a security plan to mitigate specific threats and minimize disruption to client’s businesses. Security planning involves developing security policies and implementing controls to keep risks at bay.

We will provide a cost effective design criteria in providing a recommended level of protection to secure critical infrastructure and critical assets using best practices on the concept of protection to fulfill client’s requirements on operations, aesthetic, while not compromising security. Our security plans are customized for your specific needs. We address all aspects of security planning including business and operational requirements to provide our clients with a coordinated and cohesive security solution.
Our team of experienced consultants have extensive field experiences and industry recognised certifications. We strive to provide full commitment and dedication in assessing clients’ needs. It is our professional responsibility to ensure prudent security decisions are based on a thorough risk analysis and that security recommendations are appropriate to mitigate the threats.


AIP Risk Consulting advocates the use of “Security-By-Design” approach to designing and building a high security facility at the inception of the building design concept stage. “Security-By-Design” approach serves to incorporate security design into the building architectural and/or structural design in mitigating the risks. This should minimise future expenditures on security measures that may cost more to retrofit the building / facility, while reducing intrusiveness which may be caused by the excessive security retrofitting requirements. This security design approach involves a Preliminary Facility Risk Assessment (PFRA) to identify major threats and vulnerabilities based on analysis and study of the facility’s site / adjacent characteristics, conceptual structural design, M&E design, compound layout, driveway layout and room layout.

 The PFRA study will be followed by recommendation of appropriate mitigation measures which include alterations of the building design, M&E design and room layouts, before putting in place any security measure. AIP’s consultant will liaise, coordinate and work closely with other building consultants, project manager and the clients in meeting the security protection requirements, business objectives and operations needs. Where security measures are required, the physical security measures can be in the form of structural, operational or technological measures. AIP’s consultants are committed to
provide professional advise to clients on selecting or accepting appropriate security recommendations, factoring in cost consideration and any project timeline implications.