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Structural Resilience Study (SRS) & Blast Effect Analysis (BEA)

Structural Resilience Study (SRS) is a specialised engineering study to determine the weapon and blast effects of an attack, structural responses and structural vulnerability of any given structure element of a building under a planning parameters of blast, shock and impact loads generated from a blast event. The SRS includes a Blast Effects Analysis (BEA) study which analyse the building structural elements and windows responses under the blast and impact loads. This study can be performed using a variety of methodologies (examples
such as PI-Curves, SDOF models, finite element models).  AIP Risk Consulting’s approach to Structural Resilience Study begins with a risk assessment study. The blast scenarios used in a SRS / BEA study will be selected from a Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA) exercise where credible blast or threats scenarios at vulnerable areas are identified and determined. Where required, structural finite element models will be used to simulate the behaviour of a given structural system or elements under the blast and impact loads.
From the TVRA study, appropriate vulnerability mitigating measures which may comprise of barriers, electronic security system, security manpower, landscaping and security operations will be designed and planned to develop a sound holistic security plan for the facility to alleviate the risk of explosive threats. The security plan can be enhanced to mitigate damages and impact by integrating and coupled with appropriate building ‘hardening’ design (blast mitigation solutions) to enhance the structural resilience of the building, in accordance to the level of protection required by the client for the protection of the critical asset and/or infrastructure.
Leveraging on the knowledge and familiarity with various international and local guidelines, standards, codes and best practices for security and blast mitigation solutions, AIP’s team of consultants are competent, experienced and have completed multiple security consultancy projects with security and blast requirements for the public and private sectors across various industries. Our consultants’ project experiences in security and blast consultancy includes facilities such as data centres, oil and gas storage plant, hospitals, electrical substations, water treatment facility, railway facility, and etc.